2022: ‘We Don’t Stop Together’ by Sonia Fernández Pan and Eva Rowson for Karmaklubb, Oslo (NO)

- sound composition
- audio editing, mixing and mastering

This podcast is a spoken dance floor that brings together voices, bodies, experiences and memories of people who danced with us over the years. Produced slowly during the year 2021, with the closing of clubs and disappearances of a collective way of living the night, this podcast arose from the desire to keep dancing alive thanks to the oral memory of our dear guests.

Sonia and Eva invited guests to answer two questions in a personal way: to offer some of the knowledges acquired on the dance floor and their strategies for keeping active during isolation pandemic times and dancing towards an unknown future.

Participating, speaking and dancing are Diego Bustamante, Anne Duffau, Pablo Fernández, Sonia Fernández Pan, Sabel Gavaldon, Ariadna Guiteras, Inish, Verónica Lehner, Manuela Lomba, Stephen McEvoy, Lucía Morales, Irina Mutt, OYOKO, Jay R Heald, Cristina Ramos, Eva Rowson, Tine Semb, Karina Sletten, Eirik Sördal, Kaeto Sweeney, Kentaro Terajima, and Carolina Velasco. Most voice notes were recorded April till New Years Eve 2021. Released 15 March 2022. (text from karmaklubb.com)