2022: ‘Singing Machine’ by Zorka Wollny at Zeche Hanover, Bochum for FUTUR21 (DE)

- multichannel audio recording
- audio mixing and spatialisation

video: Insa Langhorst

The Malakow Tower of Zeche Hannover has become a space-consuming sound installation that transforms voices from different communities in Bochum into a physically palpable listening experience.

From the middle of the 19th century, thousands of people from various parts of Europe moved to the Ruhr region and found employment in heavy industry, for example, at the Hanover mine. The workforce at that time consisted largely of Polish, Belgian, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, and Portuguese workers. The artist works with residents and newcomers from Bochum. In doing so, she illuminates the collective fears and visions that relate to ecological and economic transformation processes. (zorkawollny.net)

For this project, we developed an 11-channel recording system inside the Tower, capturing the sound of Wollny’s composition as it moves through air and the structure of the building. These recordings were  processed and mixed in Copenhagen, and then arranged as the 11-channel sound installation ‘Singing Machine’.

images: Stephen McEvoy