2021: ‘På Jorden’ by Monia Sander Haj-Mohamed for Teater Momentum, Odense (DK)

- multichannel sound installation design
- sound design and spatialisation

image: Rikke Mathisen Hansen

‘På Jorden’ was the second part in Momentum Theatre’s volume 15, taking the form of a performance installation created by a specialist team encompassing a permagardener, light and sound designers, and performers. The installation opened on the 30th of November 2021, and was designed to reflect the autumn season, the passage of time, and the creation of space that grows out of the ecosystem of the theatre itself.

The sound of this installation was made from recordings of the earlier performance ‘Øjne’ as well as field recordings of the theatre building itself. These sounds were arranged in time and dispersed in a 16-channel arrangement, where speakers were suspended from the ceiling, becoming an important part of the scenography.