2021: ‘Øjne’ by Monia Sander Haj-Mohamed for Teater Momentum, Odense (DK)

- multichannel recording system design

image: Julie Darum

‘Øjne’ was a theatre performance at Momentum Theatre in Odense that took place from September 25th – October 16th, 2021. In ‘Øjne’, the audience enters a tiered seating with a script on every second chair. The stage is empty. When seated, the spectators negotiate who reads what lines from this script about how the state exerts its power through our bodies.

Our role in this project was developing a hidden 16-channel system to closely record the voices of the audience who read the script. We were also present on every performance night to record what was said in the space. The voices that were recorded over the performance run were then used in ‘På Jorden’, the second part of volume 15 at Momentum Theatre.