2022: ‘Nothing That Goes Through Me Belongs To Me’ by Monia Sander Haj-Mohamed at O—Overgaden, Copenhagen (DK)

- Installation design
- Ambisonic recording, decoding, and playback

image: Anders Sune Berg

What happens when we let go of ourselves when meeting others and instead experience how we resonate in one another?

‘Nothing That Goes Through Me Belongs To Me’ was a participatory script reading performance that ran weekly at Overgaden between June 10th - August 7th 2022. The character ‘Spectator’ figured in the text as a lone voice, and the audience was invited to activate themselves and participate throughout the reading. (Overgaden)

We recorded each performance using an Ambisonic microphone, and each week added each new performance to a growing tapestry of voices, which could be heard binaurally in the exhibition space. 

image: Anders Sune Berg