about us     

Friends With Ears is Stephen McEvoy and Eliza Bozek, two artists and sound experts based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We work with artists and art institutions to help them best use sound in their exhibitions, artworks, and productions.

Our expertise is wide and covers installation design, multichannel recording and playback, surround sound and Ambisonics, the creation of bespoke sonic material, and much more. We are sensitive to the needs of each person we work with, and pursue imaginative ways of solving complex challenges.

We would love to work with you - so please do get in touch: friendswithears22@gmail.com

Stephen works with sound as an artist, researcher and educator. Earlier employed as leader of the Laboratory of Sound at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, they are now a Master’s student at the Dutch Art Institute. With a practice rooted in instinctive and hands-on research, they investigate the body and the presences, absences, connections and disconnections that shape it. They have presented work in spaces such as Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Cafe Oto, Fylkingen, Medicinsk Museion and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Eliza is a Copenhagen-based artist with a background in electronic music and performing arts - oriented sound design, working within the field of composition, installation, dance, theatre and digital art

‘Sound poses a medium via which I let myself explore and absorb external environments, as well as sonify inner, emotional landscapes. The intimacy of my sonic meandering is often imbued with field recordings, voice, noise, ASMR and poetry. A lot of my current work is conceptual, evolving around creating scores for composition and room sound design.I believe that sound and listening are activism and can pose a primary tool for empathising with other humans and non-humans. I am interested in a process of weaving and taking responsibility for soundscapes on a both pragmatic and abstract [artistic] level.’